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Westminster Roofing Services takes pride in the extensive expertise we have gained over the years. Throughout Westminster and the surrounding regions, we provide roofing service and repair on everything from modest residential roofs to complex high-end commercial facilities. There is no such thing as a little or large repair project. Westminster Roofing Services takes pride in the quality of our service work and the dedication of our artisans. We are excited to extend our portfolio, create new ties, and form new collaborations as we grow.

Every few seconds, a house or business owner in or around Adams or Jefferson counties requires assistance repairing their roof. Are you now in such a situation? Fortunately, you don't have to conduct the repair yourself. You may reach Westminster Roofing Services at any time! If your roof leaks or has been damaged by a storm, rely on our roof repair professionals in Westminster, CO, to resolve the problem thoroughly and reliably. We have the equipment, resources, and experience to solve the problem and avoid further moisture or temperature damage.

You should take any damage to your home or business roofing system seriously. Fortunately, the problem was detected early enough. In that case, you can salvage your roof with skilled roofing repairs and prevent a costly replacement. Whether you need fiberglass, flat, TPO, or row house roof repairs, you can rely on our expertise to identify the issue and deliver timely service. We are pleased to assist residents and companies throughout Adams and Jefferson counties.

Roof Hole Repair in Westminster, CO

Roof holes or punctures expose your roofing system to considerable harm since they are difficult to discover until they become a severe problem. Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to developing holes. However, roofing punctures caused by debris, unskilled contractors walking on your roof, incorrectly driven nails, uninstalled satellite dishes, or broken seals may need fiberglass or row house roof repair. Whatever the cause of the hole in your roofing system, you can rely on our roof repair professionals in Westminster, CO, to correct the problem and prevent further punctures.

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Westminster Roofing Services Roof Leak Repair

Discovering water stains on your ceiling or damage in your attic is never enjoyable. Instead of allowing the stress of a potential roof leak to overwhelm you, contact our Westminster, CO, roof repair professionals as soon as possible. We'll execute speedy roof leak repairs so you don't wake up in the middle of the night with buckets of water dripping from your ceiling. Addressing any sloped or flat roof leaks as soon as possible can also aid in the prevention of mold development, which may be dangerous to you and your family, as well as your staff and customers.

Roof Leaks: Common Causes

How can leaks occur in roofing systems? You may require townhouse, TPO, or flat roof repairs for one of the following reasons:

  • A Failed Pipe Boot: A boot is a flashing device installed around a pipe that exits your roof. If the pipe boot fractures, water can flow down the pipe and into your home.

  • Improperly Secured Nails: The roof might leak if nails do not hammer correctly into the shingles or decking. Water will collect on the exposed nail head and leak into your roof's deeper layers.

  • Collapsing Chimney: A deteriorating chimney might be the source of your roof leak, whether the metal flashing surrounding the chimney has broken, the mortar joints have deteriorated, or the chimney siding has decayed. An examination by a roofer will be required to establish the extent of the damage.

  • Failure of a Gas Vent Collar: Gas appliance vents have collars to prevent water from entering your house or company. A roof leak happens when you have not correctly fastened these collars, resulting in substantial damage.

  • Incorrectly Installed Skylights: Far too many roofing businesses claim to install skylights for you when they need help understanding how to do it properly. You may now have a roof leak due to their inexperience and inability to follow manufacturer specifications.

Our professionals can discover even the most elusive sloping and flat roof leaks. They can give a variety of remedies based on your specific requirements. No work is too large or too little for us!

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